"There is a shortcut to happiness, and dancing is one of them"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


"if I diE yOunG, bUry mE in sATin, lAy mE doWn On a BeD of ROseS, SinK mE In tHe rIVer aT dAwn, SeNd mE aWay WiTH tHe woRds Of a LovE soNg"... Song choice of the day, stuck on repeat. Her voice is compelling. The melody paints the lyrics in my head and takes me to the song. I know that all doesn't make sense, but it works...in my head. Music has control over me, it's a part of me. I love each instrument that makes up noise and turns noise into a melody and turns the melody into a song, creating a story, enabling me to live that story, through my own instrument. Music brings sense to my soul, reflecting peace in my mind, and overpowering joy in my heart. It's where Megan can be Megan, and where Megan can be whoever she wants to be, wherever she wants to be. Music is magical and powerful...take it in and experience it...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Wonderful Day

So Happy Birthday to Megan! What a great day it was, I honestly don't think I stopped smiling once! The best part about birthdays for me is that I'm reminded of how much I am loved by wonderful people. Feeling loved is the most important feeling in my book, there is nothing greater than knowing and feeling that I am important to someone. That someone thinks and cares about me, and hopes for my happiness. Someone loves me for me. And even better is feeling the same way for others. These someones are amazing, wonderful, incredible people that I am extremely blessed to have in my life, and am forever grateful for each of them, their influence, their example, and their love! My thanks goes out to all those that have been a part in my life in one way or another, for sharing a part of them with me, bringing joy in my life!

I started my day out at 6:00 A.M. Heather, Kimmi, and I went to a rejouvenating yoga class. One of the best things to start out my day! Honestly you leave the class feeling so grateful, and peaceful, on the inside and out. One of those moments in life where you feel nothing and everything at the same time. Sureal. Amazing.

Then had the best lunch ever with two of my favorite most crazy girls I know, and I LOVE EM!! They wanted to treat me out to lunch, but all I wanted was to go to G-mas and make pickle and cheese sandwhiches...I know, sounds weird but it was a delicious and fun birthday lunch!

A wonderful day turnded into a fantastic night! Cake, Ice Cream, amazing people and ORANGE balloons! It couldn't get any betta than that! oh ya, and ALL the beautiful smiles! What a Day!

So then the next day, I went to work and the Doctors that I work for bought me and the whole office lunch for my birthday! SO NICE! and SO GOOD! Zupas all the way! They are Awesome and I love working for them!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Ya know how everyone looks at January 1st as a new year...A new beggining... new goals, new accomplishments, new challenges, A new phase in life; perhaps. Well, May 11th for me is like January 1st. It's a new year for me. Another fresh start. So "May 11 it's comin up" New things are comin my way!

#1 I'm gonna try out this new blogging buisness, and see how it goes:)